The Gyoza Bar

Dine-in from Dec. 3

Basic Information

16:00-23:30 (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thu)

14:00-Late (Fri-Sun)

  • Parking information around the restaurant

Plenty of parking spaces on Ponsonby road

and some behind the restaurant.

Bowl Dish $28

Choose one from below;

  • Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

  • $28 Seared Salmon Bowl

  • $28 Eel & Egg Bowl

  • $28 Wagyu Beef (200g) Bowl

** Photo is the image of Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

Dine-in menu from Dec. 3

Special Set Menu

$99 for 2ppl

* 2 drinks for each person

(Up to four drinks in total)

* Edamame to share

* Assorted tapas to share

* Gyoza 8pcs to share

(Pork or Vegetable)

* Chef’s special

-- Drink Options --

Two drinks for each

  • Asahi beer

  • Bottle beer

  • Selected wine

  • Selected Ume-Shu

  • Selected sake

  • Selected cocktails

  • Selected whisky

-- Options for --

Chef's Special to share

  • Stir fried broccoli

  • Stir fried broccoli & mushroom

  • Teriyaki eggplant

  • Vegetable tempura

  • Karaage chicken

  • Teriyaki chicken

  • Jumbo chicken katsu

  • Jumbo prawn katsu

Features of the restaurant

The Gyoza Bar is the home of authentic Japanese food and drinks in the middle of Ponsonby.

The lots of varieties of foods and diverse range of drinks including Japanese whiskies, beer on tap, plum wins and sake, make it an intimate spot not only to have a full meal but also a quick snack or just to catch up with your friends for a drink or so.

All of the gyozas (dumplings) are made handmade expecting golden parcels bulging with mouth-watering fillings such as pork, vegetable and prawn. Also on offer is a flavour-filled selection of Asian tapas and chef’s specials inspired by traditional izakaya restaurants. Think karaage chicken and vegetable tempura.

Treat yourself to an exceptional dining experience at The Gyoza Bar.