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  • Parking information around the restaurant

There is a lot of parking spots cross the road.

  • About the restaurant

Japanese food culture has developed in a unique way. We will bring the unique Japanese food culture to many people in New Zealand. We are constantly looking for the freshest and best quality ingredients. happy with our reasonable price and good service.

Times change, workers are replaced, tools evolve, and public perceptions of value change. While keeping the traditional food culture, we will create new values. We will use the small profits to further satisfy our customers and invest in our future. We will continuously improve our organization and support the self-realization of our colleagues.


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Gorin Bento offers a selection of main dishes, eighteen Japanese tapas and seven original sauces. It is the quintessential treat that you can get to serve in your own home or backyard. Exclusive to Musashi Restaurant.

  • Musashi Gorin Bento Crafted and designed for your ultimate sophistication. It is intended for one.

  • Unleash the full potentials for your exclusive private party with various options of Gorin Bento.

  • It is designed with corporate functions in mind for your Xmas party.

  • Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance.

  • For all corporate ordering, please give us at least four workings days in advance.

  • Please note: store at room temperature in a shaded space, out of direct sunlight, and serve within 2 hours.