How to join the event?

Dear all restaurant's owners

“ 2021 Year-End Special, Japanese Food Fair in Auckland” is funded by the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs of Japan under its project to strengthen the livelihood and business foundations for Japanese nationals overseas and people of Japanese descent. Also, the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Auckland Incorporation sympathises with the concept of the event and supports this plan.

The Operations Executive Committee was founded for this project and takes jurisdiction over processes to hold the event this time. Also, it entrusts business operations to Japan Daisuki Ltd because the company has the know-how to run events. For this event, please acknowledge that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Chamber of Commerce Incorporation are not responsible for any issues. Instead, Japan Daisuki Ltd takes all responsibility. Due to these backgrounds, participants must adhere to the term and conditions.


  1. The purpose

  • To strengthen the business foundations of Japanese restaurants in the food industry of Auckland through the public relations

  • To contribute to the spread of Japanese food culture

  1. Concept

  • Many kinds of advertisements introduce authentic Japanese restaurants through the event

  • Through the event, Auckland residents will enjoy special meals provided by participating Japanese restaurants

  • This event encourages more people to try great Japanese food

  • Participating restaurants expect to gain new customers and potential repeaters

  • Conducting surveys and providing feedback to participating restaurants for the market research

  1. Benefits for participants

  • No costs to advertise your business

  • Cultivating new customers

  • Developing customer loyalty and commitment to your business

  • No commission to pay / Non any costs

  • Receiving customers' comments

  1. Benefits for customers

  • Identify the opportunities to try authentic Japanese food and enjoy the Japanese food culture

  1. Public relations

  • The official website for the event and introduce all special menus provided by participating stores

  • Advertisements on media such as local newspapers and the radio, and a variety of SNS platforms

Participation conditions

  • Must be restaurants or takeaway stores providing Japanese food

  • Must be operated in Auckland, New Zealand

  • More than one Japanese staff are involved (Including the owner and family members)

  • Participants must comply with the pledge and rules

The procedure of application for participation

① Fill in the "Entry Form (the bottom of this web page)" and send it to Japan Daisuki Ltd

② Sign the "Pledge (the bottom of this web page) " and send it to Japan Daisuki Ltd

③ Receive approval for participation

④ Apply for FREE promotion video (Once approved, you will receive the contact from Sakura TV)

⑤ Send all details about your special menu with some pictures for the Event Official Website

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Japan Daisuki Ltd.

Japan Daisuki Ltd

Email –

** Overview of the event **

We have documents in Japanese and English. Please scroll down to have a look at them.

JFF 2021
JFF 2021 English

To join this event, please click the button below, "Entry Form", and go to the form to fill in all your details as the first step.

The business plan for the project to strengthen the Japanese restaurant business foundation (Official documents submitted by the Government of Japan) - Upcoming soon.

This project is carried out by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Auckland Inc. with funding of “Program to Strengthen Livelihood and Business Foundations for Japanese Nationals Overseas and People of Japanese Descent (Nikkei)” of the Government of Japan.

The Consulate General of Japan in Auckland supports the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Auckland Inc. on the project.