Get a Prize ! sponsored by JFC New Zealand

✴️ Gift: Table soy sauce Kikkoman

It is for the first 200 people who enjoyed 3 special meals at listed restaurants.

✴️ Big / Small Prize: Pack of Japanese products and Meal coupons

One chance to draw for every 3 prize CODEs !!

** If you have 6 CODEs, you will get a double chance. If 9 CODEs, triple chance!

Enjoy 3 special meals to get the double chance (Soy sauce and Big/Small Prize)

How to apply?

1) Eat a special meal, get a prize CODE

2) Go online to send a CODE

3) When you've done 3 of them, you will automatically be on the list for Soy Sauce Gift and in the draw for the Big / Small Prize.

** Please use the same email address.

This is a Prize CODE

Please collect as many CODEs as possible and get more chance to win prize!

To get a CODE, please ask restaurant staff.

We will announce the winners on July 16 (Fri) by sending emails directly.