Daikoku on Quay St

Fantastic menus ($62)

Special Dinner Menu for Japanese Food Fair

STARTER: Mt Cook Cold Water Salmon Sashimi

TEPPAN-YAKI APPETIZER: Yum-Yum Prawns & Teppan Vegetables

TEPPAN-YAKI MAIN: Fish Fillet & Japanese Scallops served with Chop-chop Fried Rice

ACCOMPANIMENT: Miso Soup, Salad with Daikoku Dressing


** The chef will cook your dinner on the hot plate (Teppan) in front of you!!

Basic Information about Daikoku on Quay St

No Parking, but you can park your cars around the restaurant. Alternatively, there is a Britomart Car Park within a 4-5minutes-walk.

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Take a seat in front of the sizzling hot plate and enjoy a fiery performance as your meal is prepared before your eyes. We offer an extensive menu with a variety of steak, seafood, and our famous yum-yum prawns. Enjoy this unique culinary experience.