Banzai Restaurant

Fantastic menus (Both $25)

Your choice: Donburi OR Sushi Roll

Deluxe Banzai Sashimi Donburi and Miso soup

A bowl of rice topped with fresh salmon, tuna, tobikko caviar, prawn, dashi egg roll, avocado and cucumber with chef special sauce.

Deluxe Banzai Sushi Roll and Miso soup

Deluxe sushi roll include fresh salmon, tuna, tobikko caviar, prawn, dashi egg roll, avocado,lettuce and mayo.

Basic Information about Banzai Restaurant

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  • Opening hours 17:00-21:00 (Tue-Sun), 12:00-14:30 (Sun Only)

  • Parking information around the restaurant

There are many parking spots in the residential areas on Rocklands Avenue, Halston Road, Tennyson Street, etc.

  • Features of the restaurant

There are various dishes at the restaurants, so you will find what you want to eat, and if not on the menu, the chef is quite flexible to cook dishes to meet your requirements. Also, the chef is particular about cooking, and the taste of dishes is always the same to make you satisfied. Without a doubt, Japanese cuisine is one of the best food in the world. From sushi to Ramen and Tempura, you can enjoy those cuisines at BANZAI RESTAURANT.